Oi galera! Autumn creeps in as New York starts to prepare for the next freak storm... and that can only mean that the city is about to go crazy for our annual Fall Carnaval called "The Village Halloween Parade"! Preparations are underway and we want to officially invite everyone to join us for our yearly 3-hour stroll up 6th Avenue.


Halloween Costume ANNOUNCEMENT:
This year we have the amazing Sharon Epperson creating a "maracatu court" made of really huge puppets. Here is our costume parameters/theme for both 2016 parades:
1: Skull face or Day of The Dead face
2: Blue MNY shirt
3: Yellow or White pants/skirt


October 29th: Ghouls and Gourds is a fun family festival that takes place in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.  Here's some links to learn more:

Video fun from last year.  Here's a link to the Official site for the Ghouls n Gourds Parade.


October 31st: NYC Village Halloween Parade


2016 Halloween Repertoire:

  1. Four Bridges
  2. Parada
  3. Afoxe
  4. Casa Diamante
  5. 3-5-10-15-20 Breaks
  6. Baque de Brooklyn
  7. Jazz Hands


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